A whole website in six hours

social media marketingSomehow last night a project dumped into my lap, turned out well and I wrapped it up almost completely in just about 6 hours.

One page each on the latest and greatest from a firm offering:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Mobile Search Optimization
  4. Local Search Optimization
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Integrated Web Design
  7. Video Production
  8. Email Campaigns

The crazy thing is, if you want to sell this stuff, it’s just not gotten any less complicated to explain it. And writing about it is almost the only way I think someone could really flesh it out and understand how all of it links back up and connects.

Dynamic, integrated solutions. Deliverable results. Ongoing campaigns and content to go along with them. 

We live in a workd where people want to claim that the words don’t matter, that people don’t read anyway, that all of this technology replaces the simple communicative efficacy of a written word. All of the solutions above are intended to make more out of words, and to make words finally matter.

Somehow those paying for the words want to believe that words delivered in a different format are different than just words. Words spoken on video are still words, and clever emails delivered months from now are still just words written out, strung end to end and stored in an HTML document.

Funny enough, writing about all these services – how they interact and connect and work together – makes me uniquely qualified to explain them too.

More on that later.


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