Email Marketing

Email marketing is harder than sending out seductive pictures. Photo: zumbari on Stock.Exchange

Email marketing is not just sending out seductive pictures. Photo: zumbari on Stock.Exchange

Here’s the thing about email marketing that most people just don’t get.

Spend a little time in a Latin American country and you will end up being told that you need to say “buenos dias” or “buenas tardes” depending on the time of day. “Buenos noches” will work if the sun has gone down.

Buenos Tardes is NOT optional. It’s not something you can say if you feel like it.

Try it.

If you walk up to someone older than you and just tell them what you want they’ll likely look at you like you are a rude imbecile. “No regard for the basics of human decency.”

In a tourist zone, tourists may be expected to be different, to have different rules, no rules or other rules. But outside of a tourist zone the repercussions can be quite harsh. Older people may turn their backs on you. People closer to your own age will resent you, or just find you backwards, lost or rude.

Etiquette is for all of us.

You can simply learn to say Buenos Dias before everything you say in a Latin American country. It’s fast. It’s easy and it works wonders. The etiquette for Email marketing is bigger, harder and more complicated. The demands are higher. You’re expected to give more. And you better show up in someone’s email marketing with a huge “Buenos Dias” and then some.

Skip it and your chances of breaking the 1% conversion rate are next to none.

Your Email marketing needs to lead to a big bounty of free something or it’s just not going to work.

What’s free and available is usually information. But you’ll be surprised how many in the travel industry come up short with the goods.

Instead they try to seduce readers with bikini pics and palm trees – images almost indistinguishable from those being sent out by every other firm on the beach. They work around 1% of the time.

If you want your email to be read and remembered, send out something useful.

Something interesting. Something clever.

But don’t show up in someone’s inbox with your sales pamphlets and your special prices. That’s really like going to a party and trying to sell things. Laughable.

We know you want instant ROI, and you should expect it.

But Blog Follow Up Emails are designed for the long term, and for converting members and guests into fans who rely on word from you, because they’re always coming back.

Think about that and we’ll get right back to you. By email.



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