Vacation Rental Writing from the Traveler’s Point of View

vacation rental copywriting service

It may not seem like much… but it was a great deal for the week.

My post on why not use the word Rental in your vacation site is probably not going to make me popular.

Let’s sum it up this way.

  • Marketing your vacation rental business is not the same as marketing a great place to stay for the weekend.

I think what happens is simply that people spend a lot of time working on their businesses or their sites. A lot of that business is marketing, writing, describing, deciding. If you have a bunch of vacation rental places to rent out, the work can even be a lot – like a full time job!

The problem is often that the name of the site ends up describing all that work you went through, instead of the thing you’re selling.

Presumably what you are selling is a great place to stay, for a few days or a week or maybe longer.

There’s no shame in that. Plenty of people will be happy to rent your place or your client’s place.

But letting slip that you think of your rental customers as the “Upscale Homeless” is probably not in any business’s best interest.

Beyond that, it’s just a crappy way to market your business. The owners of your properties want to see that you have traffic, and lots of of it.

They want to see that tourists and traveling people are visiting your site for information, for deals and for big properties at less than the costs of hotels.

Here are some words to help you brainstorm better ways to present your properties and maybe your whole business. If the word rental is in your URL, well, my recommendation is that you reconsider that.

  • Vacation Condos – It’s fine. It sounds clean and efficient. Is it? And do the photos present it that way?
  • Vacation Suites – It’s a little light, Americans always balk at “suites” unless they’re Executive Suites, but this one can work
  • Beachfront Apartments – They sound bigger than hotel rooms, but now you need to emphasize the extra services. Apartments without services smack of  tenements and college living.
  • Houses – Just say it to yourself. “We rented a house for the week.” It can sound sensible, or it can sound like “We rented somebody else’s house for the week.” Ugh. Your marketing is lost.
  • Vacation Houses – That’s a lot better already.
  • Holiday Houses – Now we’re getting somewhere. I love the way “Holiday” seems European to American ears.
  • Holiday Homes – I mean, it’s just getting more and more attractive.
  • Sunset Cabins – Cabins always sound rustic and charming, a bit more macho.
  • Romance Cottages – Just getting silly, but cottages can and will work, depending on your market.

Don’t forget there’s also accommodations, nice types of boarding, housing, lodging (always sounds economical and comforting, I think), quarters, roofs, rooms and shelter!

They know it’s not forever. So the rental word isn’t really necessary, or helpful. Keep it clean, attractive and simple.


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