What does Membership Marketing mean?

membership marketingI recently completed the survey for the 2014 Membership Marketing Benchmark Report.

It’s not a bible for hotel owners or anything, but if you’re running a chain of hotels, or a vacation club, it is something that I highly recommend you take a long look at it.

In essence one could distill the meaning of Membership Marketing down to the concept of a promise of repeat business.

If you are not working to:

  • Expect and encourage repeat business
  • Encourage solid customer references and member referrals
  • Encourage upgrades to existing memberships…

Then it is questionable what exactly you’re doing in the business.

For that matter, if you’re a salesman, and your organization isn’t doing this for you, you’re likely facing a bunch of past clients who wonder what in the hell you sold them.

But the crazy thing is, most timeshare organizations and hotel chains with any kind of loyalty program do nothing to encourage loyalty.

The assumption is that customers – or guests – are just so spellbound by the beauty of the location that they will always want to come back.

But don’t make this assumption.

The interesting thing is that in most cases, you can increase bookings, referrals and upgrades simply by increasing interactivity, providing more and more useful information and by answering questions where and when they get asked (in social media especially).

That’s really not so much of an investment. If anything, you probably already have a website and blog, a Facebook page and numerous other places around the internet.

Don’t fill those spaces up with lousy pictures of beaches and palmtrees. All of your commercial photography is nearly useless in an interactive setting. Rather, encourage pictures from your guests, and then thank them and respond in kind.

Make sure that every guest feels like an owner. And that all travelers know they can always come back. Any incentive you offer is a step toward membership and membership is all about belonging.

Use the form below to contact me and we’ll get you started on your own membership marketing program.

Image this page by Commonist, on Wikimedia Creative Commons.


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