Travel Blogging Ideas for when the Blogging Gets Tough


25 Travel Blogging Ideas to Keep Your Blog Busy and Your Visitors Happy


ideas for travel blogging

Right up through launch, your blog is as important as your rooms and your location! Write it Down!

I work with a lot of software and content management platforms that include a blogging feature right in the package. In fact, bless them, Instamanager even moved most of their excellent vacation rental software right onto the even more excellent WordPress platform to make blogging even more fast, fun and effective.

I’ve done tons of blogs on their original system, but you just can’t beat WordPress for performance, features, ease-of-use and SEO.

But here’s what happens. Property managers – or Real Estate pros –  sign on for the system, load up their properties, maybe optimize everything – and then – they sit and wait.

Ugh! You fill in your About pages, your Contact pages and your Description of Services. You’re also maybe going to be soliciting some new properties, maybe doing a little bit about your town and the surrounding area. But that’s really it. Your basic site is about 10 pages and your properties will add maybe 15 (bare minimum) to 50 more. Now what?

The thing is, outside of professional bloggers and writers, it’s tough to know what to blog about. This list is as fast and furious a brain storm session as I can come up with. If you want to add to it, please do so in the comments or elsewhere. About a million travel bloggers will be eternally grateful.

This list of 25 Travel Blogging Ideas is mostly for Hotel Owners, Vacation Rental managers and who knows? Maybe it can work for your travel business blog too!

1) Photo Tips – The five best places to go. 10 tips for better cell phone pics. The best apps for editing and presenting them.

2) Wildlife lists – Where to find animals and what you’ll find when you get there.

3) Restaurant lists – Five local favorites? Five specialty shops? The five best dishes in the area? This one is easier than it sounds just start writing it down.

4) Recipes – These are always tougher than they sound, and it might start with the “best dishes” above, or it might not. Ask around a little. If you have guests, ask them what they ate or what they really enjoyed. If you’re far away, research the area and read what people really rave about. All that stuff counts.

5) Shopping lists – Again, you don’t have to go nuts. Just pick your five favorites. Five best for guys? Five best for kids? Anything unusual, crazy or weird works fine.

6) Bars and Clubs – It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been out in years, but remember your market. Some towns, like Acapulco, have world class clubs, but it’s damned difficult to find a quiet place for a beer. Write them down and publish them.

7) Annoying Restorations & Repairs – What caused them? Who made the repairs? Can we learn anything from them?

8) Packing Lists! What to Pack? What Not to Pack!

9) Safety Tips – For Night Clubbing? For Swimming? For Bungee Jumping – again, it’s all about the crowd you’re selling too.

10) How to get here? – Obviously this is more important in cities that people get to by a number of means, Planes, Trains, Buses, Cars, Boats. Everyone of them – and the connections there after make a blog post.

11) Maps – Wonderful for SEO and depending on how you label them, they can last longer than an artificial Christmas tree, they’re that evergreen. Map the lists above, map the places to go, and the places to avoid. Map the official political boundaries and the odd names of local only places.

12) Day Trips – These would be awesome – if there weren’t 360º of them. Go back to the maps above and start on the closest places. The “why go there?s”, the secret places and the whole day-long adventure. See “Itineraries” below.

13) Top Rainy Day Destinations – the regular tourist places are all washed out. How about the other places for when the clouds are heavy?

14) Questions – We probably won’t eliminate every dumb question you’re tired of answering, but let’s give it a try. Better yet, make every question and answer into a post, then index them on another page and foist the whole thing as your complete FAQ. Use FAQ or something similar as your WordPress Parent-Category, and keep adding to it and adding Child-Categories. Then push the Parent Category page, all over the internet.

15) Visitor Origins – Check your analytics if you have to, but better still, talk to guests and find out where they came from. Real statistics are interesting, but so are real stories.

16) Itineraries – Another one good for multiple posts – just sketch out Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc. Make it realistic, with alternatives and lots of ideas.

17) How-To-Do-Anything! – Simple? Complicated? Even driving directions can work, but how about “How to Stay Here for a Month” and why? How to relax once you’re here?

18) Famous People – Lots of towns are famous for downright boring people. They’re boring because people only know ONE THING about them. What’s up with that? I bet there are ten interesting things about the guy who invented scouring cleanser, too! Look into it. There is always something else to learn.

19) Historical Events – Somehow all of these things got written at the dawn of the internet, around 1995. The pages are tired, the facts are outdated and uninteresting. Wikipedia works better, but I bet there is a hard copy of a decent local history book laying around. Note the author, cite appropriately and don’t forget the relevance to national or world affairs!  It’s fun. You can also enlist your high-school kids to help out.

20) Little Known Local History Timelines – Just keep it going a little more. This can be a list or a timeline. You can do decades of the twentieth century, or something smaller, but something interesting happened everywhere. Learning about it is part of the fun, and a good list can be fun for your readers too.

21) Interpret – Subjectivity is NOT a bad thing. If the main cathedral is too crowded, what about the secondary church with the great art? What about the truly interesting things that most people miss. Truly loving – anything – comes through in your blog and in your business.

22) Values Statements (or lists) – This is a good one that gets overlooked too often. You’re probably not neo-fascist, so let your customers know where your business draws its inspiration from. Work on it a while. Make it matter and it will matter to other people, and your business will matter to them too.

23) Most Popular Seasons and Events – People don’t come all year do they? So when do they come and why? How many and from where?

24) Off Season – What to expect? Why is it low season? Who will be there? What opportunities does the season present? What’s the worst thing about it?

25) Destroy Tourism – Seriously. Before it destroys you. Nobody is interested in herding masses into stale tourist trap places. Not even Carnival Cruise line. Shine light on the best and the worst. If everyone goes to one place, then write about where everyone else goes. Make a list of the best and the worst and be fair. You don’t need to smack wrists or write truly negative things.

Then remember one more thing. That old romantic dream about running an inn, or a small hotel, it’s still attractive. Lots of people dream it and have given up or forgotten. Your little inn, or vacation rental enterprise or massive hotel and resort complex will inspire all of that romance, all of that dreaming. Don’t be afraid to share your dreams, too.

Photo this page: Technicians check the working lists after mating the nine booster ©Wikimedia Commons by NASA/Troy Cryder


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