Why spell out the long form story of your business?

Is Too Much Ever Really Enough?

One of the criticisms I hear a little too frequently is that I write too much.

Admittedly, a business blog post of more than about 600 words is probably always a stretch.

But look at it this way.

Many of the clients I’ve loved the most are those who’ve thrown impossibly complex products at me and asked me to sell them.

Copywriters frequently advance into strategic positions for the simple reason that they must – as a necessity of the job – think through the implications of strategic decisions and describe them. They’re often describing them not only for customers, but for key decision makers too.

travel blog writing tips

Sometimes getting to the other side is worth all the walking.

So, with an impossibly complex product – let’s take a points based travel club for example – sometimes you have to flesh out the details of exactly how a product was used, how it was valuable and how it returned value to the customer.

In my travel club example, that meant a 1,500 word blog post.

Pretty hefty by any blog’s standards and not entirely useable – but what the heck? It’s not just water under the bridge. I’ll show you why below.

Re-Purposing to Understand

The 1,500 word story was plodded out to describe one member and her use of 3,000 travel club points. Those 3,000 points cost her an annual $800 dollars. That’s pretty easy to explain.

But what can you do with 3,000 points?

Well, the Club’s problem is that it’s easy to see how to book one relatively expensive vacation (say, for 1,800 points)  with their internet database and booking engine.

It’s not, however, easy to see how to use 3,000 points on:

  • one 1,800 point vacation
  • one 700 point vacation
  • and another for just 500 points – all in one year.

It’s not easy to describe. It’s not easy to visualize. It’s not easy to get out of any database, much less to design a database that will put all of that value in front of you.

Maybe it will be someday. But for $800 it’s still a damned good deal and worth describing.

First things first,  the client relied on me to write a rather long 1,500 word story to get the details down.

The Results: A Myriad of Short Forms

Then, the 1,500 word story resulted in:

  • A quick, fun 8-slide slide-show – telling basically the same story
  • A massive, fascinating and compelling Infographic – telling basically the same story
  • A slightly quicker slide share presentation
  • A PowerPoint presentation for a quick run-through during a webinar for new members
  • Five separate emails showing how each location might be part of a larger travel agenda
  • Numerous social media posts that highlight the versatility of the points based system

That’s all in addition to the larger, still plodding, but massively optimized 1,500 word story.

That’s all to say, even if your copywriter seems to be plodding along writing relatively long-form explanations of your product, remember, everything that goes into your blog, or onto your website can be – and should be – positioned to highlight your high-information, long-lead or continual sales product in a more flattering light.


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