Monthly Vacation Rentals: Money on the Table


Guillermo is a magazine editor who works for a monthly magazine and helps to publish between two and three books every year. He is tied to a couple of offices, one is the magazine that employs him and another is the publisher of the book he’s working on right now. That’s one of four or five big publishers he’s most favorably attached to.

He lives in a nice apartment in the city, and loves the buzz, the continual noise and the access he has to everyone and everything.

But to edit a manuscript, he really needs to take off. He will generally spend between five and seven months of every year somewhere new. Often he’s still driving distance to his place in the city. He doesn’t always travel too far, but he has been known to get on a plane for at least one month out of every 12.

He’s single, but doesn’t always travel alone, and never books for two people.

Hotels quickly became too expensive, but it’s in his interest to find the right short term monthly rental. To that end he has collected a few online favorites that he regularly turns back to.

Not all of you will publish monthly rates, but below are some big reasons that you should reconsider.

These are the things that Guillermo is looking for (in order of importance):

  1. Privacy, seclusion and quiet
  2. Solid internet that works from the moment he arrives and that he can use 24 hours a day on multiple devices
  3. An up-market property with lots of extras
  4. Solid, versatile, functional and comfortable furnishings
  5. Not exceptionally elaborate service, but good common sense key drop-off and some understanding
  6. A prompt, informative welcome
  7. .. that includes an introduction to a management person on-hand for breakdowns, service, directions or all kinds of similar questions.
  8. Knowing when the cleaning service will show up is also important
  9. The same access to attractions and nearby services as regular tourists.
  10. He needs to know he can put up overnight guests, and expects monthly rentals to be more flexible than weekly or bi-weekly rentals
  11. A good idea of when he can extend his stay for a second month (he will do this at least one month of every year).

He also expects you to have noted where he’s stayed, what he liked and anything he complained about. He’ll tolerate a monthly email, maybe too, and he is interested in the newer places you might be representing.

Now, almost no one is going to book their entire list with monthly rentals. But a few solid month-long bookings are going to look great on your (online) calendar and make you appear trusted and in demand. Newer providers also very often get a good base for better serving their short-term travelers, too.

The fact is, many of the old-hand property managers I speak with would vastly prefer to deal with the professional, working travelers than with higher risk – and difficult to predict – short term revelers and tourists.

Who else is Guillermo?

  1. Media pros, reporters, communications workers and writers
  2. Professional musicians and composers
  3. Skilled freelancers and creatives
  4. Academics and teachers on sabbatical
  5. Independent business people with clients or prospects in your area

Guillermo’s not a typical traveler, but he is representative of a style of work and living that demands privacy, a little more freedom and high degree of service.

Anyone will tell you it’s great to be near or next to an economy that’s growing. Sometimes being smack in the middle of a boom town is good too. Most of us are moving around the periphery and the marketing you do, the communications and the messages need to be tailored to reach the people who are in there and want out. And those who have the resources to take advantage of what you offer.


Photo top of this page: Franz Lehár (1918) by Charles Scolik, © Wikimedia Commons from the Austrian Newspaper “Sport und Salon”, March 31, 1918.

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