The #1 Reason for Maintaining Your Travel Business Blog

I screwed up.

Last week, I wrote a bombastic screed all about ten reasons why you should maintain your hotel blog.

I came up with 10 good reasons to justify it, and somehow, I forgot the very most important reason of all.

Go figure.

Those ten good reasons are still perfectly good but there’s got to be ONE absolutely, iron clad reason for writing, publishing and working on (not to mention suffering over) your hotel blog or any other travel related business blog.

Beyond these ten really good reasons:

  1. Building Credibility
  2. Ready access to and influence over customers
  3. Branding
  4. Booking
  5. Beating the competition 
  6. Promoting Values
  7. SEO
  8. Longtail and other outrageously good keywords
  9. Co-Branding
  10. And all the Strategic Insight you get from working with a really good blogger.

There’s still another – even better – more powerful – and more beautiful for keeping your business in blogging.

The number one reason for writing, publishing and expanding on your travel and tourism blog is this:

There’s simply nothing better to send out by email than a blog post!


It’s that simple. There is no better way to develop an email marketing strategy – indeed a communications policy – than by regularly sending out your best blog posts.

  • A blog post asks for nothing.
  • A blog post shares something valuable.
  • A blog post presents your brand at it’s very best.
  • A blog is written by a person – websites and spam are written by nobody!?!
  • A blog post can be helpful, hysterical, honest, lyrical, captivating or enchanting.

In short, a blog post is all of the stuff that your horrible, glossy, advertising laden, hyperbolic email marketing messages are not!

Listen, your spammy promotional emails have probably whacked your email list down to next to nothing. Blog posts, sent regularly and honestly, will build your list back up.

I mean, seriously, who wants to get useless advertisements in their email?

On the other hand, imagine that your business is providing something actually useful, informative, or entertaining. What’s that worth to your business?

Imagine that your brand is understood as the one that writes regularly with something interesting? Something cool? Something compelling?

Lots of businesses get it. Plenty more of them don’t. Plenty of them settle for 1% returns on email marketing because that’s what they expect. 1% is what they’ve always gotten.

travel business bloggingEmail marketing, done right,  should be giving you a return of anywhere from 5% on up.

I’ve even worked on blogs that are built almost entirely on FAQ-style questions and even those make better email marketing pieces than do the “Save $65 Dollars When You Book Now” spam pieces.

Every blog article you write or pay for should be easily able to be repositioned, refocused or turned around to be email marketing content.

As longer form content gets increasingly popular on the internet (with Google anyway)

The photo at the top of this page is Tour Bus in Paris © Wikimedia Commons by Tilemahos Efthimiadis


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