Why Work With Us…

Imagine a Travel Club that forgot to be a club.

Or an organization that forgot to “organize.”

A membership marketing company that thought it was a travel agency?

Amazingly, that’s exactly what happens.

You ask people to join your club and then, once they’re in, you tell them there’s not really any club at all. It’s not the way to go.

Vacation ownership clubs fail because there’s no club. After-sales service gets neglected and there’s simply no there there.

Blog Follow Up fulfills your promise to club members. We’ll bring in the full face value of contracts and make business a lot more fulfilling – and far less expensive – than collections agencies and angry internet comments.

Ongoing, open interesting communications…

With all the technology at your fingertips:

  • You could have sent out interesting fun to read emails.
  • You could send out compelling infographics that explain your club and highlight the advantages.
  • You could send out last minute offers with stories that emphasize how many other travelers are going right now.
  • You could have set up a website that keeps members coming back because you are always offering so much more.

Blog Follow Up is about always new and ready communications – a virtual club – and optimized, intelligent marketing.

It’s not just email blasts and naked ladies. It’s about informative, emotional and compassionate story telling that makes you into the most popular part of anybody’s travel and tourism itinerary.



Photo Top of this Page: Typical Crowded Beach © Wikimedia Commons by Katonams


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