Integrated Optimized Content

Content to Make Their Hair Stand On End.

Any connection you make is going to make readers, customers, and audience say “who is this?”

No matter the business you’re in, you’re probably in it ’cause you like it.

Communicating the why and the how-you-do-it and the how-it-all-gets-done is an important part of your website. So is the telling why you like it, where it is and what it’s all about.

Guess what? It works.

Search Engine Optimization has come a long way from stuffing keywords into a few packed webpages to full-blown multi-functional websites that reach for everything under the sun. Every page can – and should – work for you.

Social searching – and social media more generally – make all of your business pages into a fun, entertaining and essential part of all of your outreach. For long lead-time industries like travel and real estate, it’s important to act as a fun, interesting resource to which readers can return time and again.

Most website and blog projects we undertake include some combination of the following:

  • Comprehensive, ongoing keyword research. If that can be done in combination with a PPC campaign, so much the better
  • Regular updating of blog content or newsfeed, often in combination with newsletter marketing
  • Industry analysis that includes all competitors but also those following similar business models. This is especially true for membership organizations.
  • Long term strategic link building and viral social media development
  • Conversion analysis and optimization
  • Online PR and press release optimization, distribution and syndication
  • Local, mobile and international market research and optimization
  • Reporting on KPIs & analytics. These can be discussed and detailed with all of your decision makers.

Search engines long for fresh, valuable content, but so do members, owners and customers.

We upload direct to your site, deliver to your webmaster or we put it out there in the world so that more people find you (and like you). Anyway you want to review the material we can handle, or we push it straight to the customers who want to learn more.

There is simply no better SEO (or marketing) today than simply making people like you.


Photo this page:  Caribbean flamingo, © Wikimedia Commons, by Martin Pettitt


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