Local Business Marketing!

Local business optimization

Sell Global, Optimize Local!

Local Hotels and Property Management Companies don’t have to work harder.

They just need to be smarter. 

If your service area is geographically specific, then your online search terms (keywords) need to be specific too!

And for smaller hospitality organizations, the local scene is the only one that matters.

There can still be a hundred different places names that matter. But to a far greater extent, getting the right inbound links and the right guest reviews can matter a lot more.

City and municipality names will go a long way, but you’ll also want a convincing follow up email to deliver your former guests back to your Google+ and Yelp! profiles.

Oh, and the same email might make them love you too.

Local search optimization for regional hotels and PMS:

  • Ongoing management & optimization of listings and review media for your area. You own the listings, log-ons and passwords.
  • Local website optimization & rewrite for all your local place names
  • Local content development, writing and placement
  • List building and email marketing strategy & development
  • Coordinated simultaneous social media campaign

The scale of your market, the level of tourist development and local competition can all play into the strategy you pursue. We employ similar tactics to those put to use for much larger organizations.

And they work!


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