Strategic Email Marketing

strategic travel email writers

Email that delivers, time after time.

Email marketing is still the best player on your interactive marketing team.

Suddenly What You Say Matters


High-quality strategic email marketing requires comprehensive knowledge – not just of your boring product, but knowledge of how it meets the needs of your audience. Knowing exactly who your audience is doesn’t hurt either.

Your email may very well be more important than your product.

It’s not even a stretch to say today that your email – like your website – is your product. Problem solvers all around!

Our strategic work in Email Marketing has included:

  • Must-Read Newsletters
  • Educational and member-retention Auto-Responders that Make People LOVE YOU
  • Occasional Informative (and Helpful) Mailings
  • Event-based (booking or cart abandonment) emails
  • Free educational or PR auto-response series
  • Survey, satisfaction and feedback campaigns
  • Transactional and billing emails, optimized to reinforce your marketing message

We’ll work with your service provider to deliver the quality content that puts all your members, past guests or current fans into a continual buying channel and keeps them there out of interest, devotion or the determination to come back again.

ROI to Remember


Email marketing is the workhorse in all the online marketing you’ll do this year.

Want to stand out?

We’ll coordinate every communication your firm makes so that your message is consistent, compelling and memorable. You’ll be sending out more, and more frequently, and your members and customers will be thankful that you’re doing it.


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