Timeshare & Vacation Ownership

Timeshare Aftersales Marketing

Most timeshare or vacation ownership companies collect but a fraction of the face value of the contracts they sign. With front-end sales providing the bulk of their revenue, what gets lost in the back-end is either ignored, shrugged off or badly handled.

Vacation Ownership plans lose out on massive amounts of After-sales Revenue because of:

  • Poor or nonexistent member education
  • Indifferent communications
  • Industry mis-alignment (brokerage vs. membership marketing)

Take a look at each in turn.

Member Education

Even the simplest timeshare is not as easy as it seems. But many timeshare operators are convinced that bugs will come streaming from under the carpet the moment they turn on the light.

Throw in some exchange options or a points system, and the potential for bugs is everywhere.

Turn the light on. Timeshare is still an incredibly popular way to stay without booking hotel rooms. If people only take to the internet because they’re unhappy, then it’s up to Timeshare to take to the internet too.

Getting pro-active means getting more of your story, and your timeshare owners stories online, and in front of existing or delinquent members. It’s that simple.


This often comes down to member visibility. Most timeshare operators post one number; “With 20,000 members!”

Don’t leave it up to timeshare travelers to start complaining from their isolation. Many have no idea how many others are enjoying the same properties that they are.

If your members can’t see other members, they’re not sure who else is in on this. Make every communication a reminder of the numbers they’re a part of.

But what about news aimed at members, travel and destinations? That all goes in there too!

Industry Misalignment

Membership Marketing Assn 2010

Membership Marketing Assn 2010

Plenty of people working in timeshare and vacation ownership believe they are part of the travel and tourism industries.

They’re not wrong, but they’re not right either.

All of the organizations represented in the pie chart above, compiled from several sources with numbers from 2010, can teach you something about how to operate a membership marketing organization.


You can’t learn to run a club from a travel agent. And you can’t make a club better by following the rules of a one-off retailer.

Membership organizations rely on a club to deliver value to members. If there is no club, there is no value.

If your travel club is not one the ten most expensive residence clubs in the world, then you better sell it (and re-sell it) as if it is.

What does that mean? Well, Blog Follow Up makes members into members.

  • With custom tailored members-only content, of course!

    vacation ownership marketing

    Aftersales Communications for the Life of the Contract

That can mean specials and promotions, but more important it’s also news and information about other club members, about destinations and tricks to get more out of the membership. There’s always something new. At the end of a year of our communications, they better be happy to sign back up.

See more on our work with time share managers and the travel industry here.


Photo this page: White Beach at © Wikimedia Commons by Boracay by Carabaopower


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